Kambiz Carpet

Since 1979, Kambiz Carpet has offered a unique selection of high quality Antique and Modern hand-knotted Persian, Oriental, Russian and Turkish rugs displayed in our four showrooms In main cities in Italy such as Cagliari and Sassari

Kambiz Carpet specializes in importing authentic Oriental and Persian carpet directly from the source to the showrooms in Italy.

Kambiz Carpet proudly provides customers in all cities in Italy and in dozens of countries around the world with high quality handmade Carpets – sold at exceptionally low prices compared to other carpet  dealers and we offer  truly a Unique carpetfor Every Style and Budget..

Kambiz Carpet is the Italy’s finest purveyor of antique, museum-quality rugs, carpets and tapestries. Kambiz Carpet brings together years of history, culture, and beauty with an immeasurable collection of antique carpets and tapestries.

The latest example carpets

Carpet Art

CARPET  in their full splendour.

Unique, extraordinarily beautiful pieces which KAMBIZ CAPRET seeks tirelessly throughout the world.

Incomparable creations that are the result of a passion handed down through the generations, and of quality pursued with determination, through rigorous controls performed during the entire processing cycle

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Gallery Antic

Emotions – using style to amaze.

Kambiz Carpet  collection of inspiring items reveals new ways you can use style and originality to decorate the home, the office, hotels, restaurants and  shops.  Stunning settings take you on an extraordinary, one-off journey that ignites the imagination.

Kambiz Carpet: the pleasure of recreating Carpet.